The 21st Century requires more than people who turn up for work – it requires the genius in all of us. A coaching culture, rather than traditional command-and-control, is paramount. David, David and Agnieszka are to be applauded for authoring a book that is so comprehensive and utterly practical.

Myles Downey, author of ‘Enabling Genius – a Mindset for the 21st Century’ and ‘Effective Modern Coaching’

When leaders make the conscious decision to create a coaching-based culture, their organizations are better equipped to thrive and outsmart the competition in entirely new ways.  Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture will enable global leaders to experience extraordinary results!

Marshall Goldsmith – The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

A hugely rich resource, containing a broad range of information, principles and approaches to the somewhat ethereal topic of how to weave coaching into the fabric of organisational culture. I particularly like its clear, reading structure and format, enabling me to navigate quickly to the topics and issues I’m most interested in. Congratulations, another great addition!

Julie Starr, author of The Coaching Manual, The Mentoring Manual and many other

This book harnesses years of thought-leadership and hard-earned experience by the authors to show how to create a coaching culture essential for a sustainable, high-performance organisation. An essential read.

Anthony Grant, Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, The University of Sydney, Australia

Many success stories are highlighted in these pages with hints of the challenges in building and sustaining a coaching and mentoring culture. This excellent book offers the reader helpful ways forward to a brighter coaching future.

Bob Garvey, Faculty Head of Research, York St John Business School, UK

Creating a Coaching Culture is the aspiration of many organisations and achieved convincingly by few. The rapid growth predicted to continue in organisational coaching intensifies the quest to integrate coaching as a catalyst for business success. This book offers a pragmatic resource strengthened by theory, techniques and case studies to inform, make durable and benchmark the investment in coaching; an excellent addition from David, David and Agnieszka in securing the future for coaching in organisations.

Lise Lewis, EMCC International President

This comprehensive guide is one of the best I’ve read on the topic of a coaching culture –relevant, future focused and a significant contribution to the profession!

Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch, MCC – Past President ICF, Creator of Team-Advantage, US

Enlightening, to the point, and immensely useful for HR Professionals, CEOs and business leaders who want to build and sustain a coaching culture in their organisation. A truly outstanding book and an invaluable resource!

Alexandra Eleftheriou, Chief People Officer at Printec Group, Greece

This book is a real gift for anyone wanting to create change in an organisation. It offers a rich blend of theory and diversity of thought, but never loses sight of the reality of the environments in which we operate and co-exist.

Claire Davey, Head of Coaching and Leadership Development at Deloitte UK

At last a book that provides clarity and structure to the intangible story of coaching culture. It has all the essentials of theory, attend to the critical systemic dimensions but also speaks practically about what creating a coaching culture involves. Highly recommend it for anyone working in the coaching field.

Maria Symeon, Global Head of Coaching and Partner Development at PwC

This book is an essential guide to anyone keen to introduce or enhance a coaching culture in their organisation. It’s a comprehensive resource with tools, templates and case studies to support the thinking and implementation of a coaching culture, wherever along that journey an organisation might be.

Shola Awolesi, Global Leadership Manager, Save the Children

This practical and comprehensive guide is a must-read for anyone grappling with the challenge of building a coaching culture in their organisation. It provides a great combination of theory and practice, marrying the historical context and new ideas with pragmatic and insightful case studies that really bring the topics to life.

Nicki Hickson, Director of Coaching, EY UK & Ireland

This book refreshes current thinking and approaches to developing coaching cultures. It delivers on being both highly practical and thought-provoking by elegantly combining guidance for practitioners with rich practice examples and powerful suggestions for reflection. An essential read for anyone interested in the practice of coaching in organisations.

Dr Julie-Anne Tooth, Executive Coach, Australia

A comprehensive handbook about all aspects of coaching packed with up to date research, real case examples, ready to use tools, a must have for every professional working with coaching.

Olympia Mitsopoulou, Atom Wave Director, Switzerland