I’m Agnieszka


I’m a culture strategist.

I work with leaders and teams around the globe to help them create a culture that brings their boldest vision to life.

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I’ve been coaching and helping people develop their leadership skills for almost 20 years.

I’ve been supporting clients with change and culture for more than 10.

What I noticed in that time is that many organisations treat culture as a “tick a box” exercise.

They want to comply with regulations or please the board who advised something be done about culture. So they ask for training or a culture assessment.




There is only one tiny problem:


So instead of ticking boxes and spending months on campaigns that don’t work, I decided that it was time to do the real work and help leaders and their teams to


so that they can achieve more with less effort and bring their boldest vision to life.

I knew I was on the right track when the CEO I was working with told me:

“This has been the most powerful thing that we’ve ever done. We’ve never been able to create so much change in such a short time. It’s mind-blowing. But what’s even better is that people who participated in the programme seem to be passing the virus to others. It’s contagious!”

I blend my experience as:

  • a leader, in companies big and small,
  • an experienced consultant who worked for giants like Korn Ferry (HayGroup), and PwC,
  • an executive and team coach, and
  • a researcher and an author

with my unstoppable and insatiable curiosity about what works and what doesn’t work in organisational and social change.

My approach is science and evidence based.

I make the complex issue of culture as simple (but not simpler) as possible, uncovering all the crucial and fundamental forces at play, so that you can take the right actions to bring about the change you seek.

My story

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I’ve experienced the power of culture firsthand on many occasions – at times it gave me wings, at times it crushed me and pinned me to the ground.

I left a company because I couldn’t bear the culture.

I stayed in another one, much longer than intended, because of the energising, inspiring, and family-like subculture in our department.

I know how hard it can be to break away from the gravitational pull of the existing culture, to step up and lead a tribe.

And I know how powerful and energising it is to succeed and evolve a culture – even when it’s just the tiniest pocket of the larger system.

What drives me

An average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime.

That’s 11,250 long days.

It’s far too much time to spend feeling frustrated, disengaged or not doing your best and being your best.

And this is why I wake up every day excited to have an opportunity to…

…help people make their time at work count.

I’m passionate about finding SOLUTIONS THAT WORK, not the ones that feel familiar, look good on paper (or in an academic journal) and that please everyone.

I’m in a relentless pursuit of GAME-CHANGING ideas and solutions that have the potential to transform an ordinary organisation into an extraordinary one.

Thankfully, I’ve been spared the delusion that I know it all. I’m naturally driven by CURIOSITY and I seek to create strong PARTNERSHIP & COLLABORATION with my clients, enabling us to figure out what would work best in their unique case.

I take these values and passion into my work with clients and show them how to harness the invisible force that defines their present and shapes their future.

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