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Agnieszka Bajer is a culture strategist, in-demand speaker, executive coach, facilitator and organisation development consultant. 

She has worked with senior leadership of many major organisations, including Citibank, Toyota, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Amdocs, the European Patent Office, SAP, PwC and many others. Originally from Poland, and with a home-base in Cyprus, she divides her time between Italy, Germany, Netherlands and a number of other places.


Agnieszka Bajer is a culture strategist, in-demand speaker, executive coach, facilitator and organisation development consultant. 

Agnieszka is a passionate believer in the transformative power of workplace cultures that simultaneously focus on bottom-line results and on making organisational life a forcing-bed for growth and development.

Her experience and research show that unleashing the full potential of people in a team or an organisation is possible; it simply requires a clear vision, a sound strategy and an unwavering commitment to bringing about the desired changes.

 In the past 20 years working as an organisation development consultant, executive coach and facilitator, she has been an advisor to numerous leaders and helped them design and implement interventions that resulted in strengthening or transforming their culture, developing leadership skills and inspiring people to engage and contribute more to exceptional business results.

Her work in the field of organisational culture and coaching led to co-authoring the book ‘Building & Sustaining a Coaching Culture” – a complete guide on how to embed coaching in an organisation’s DNA. 

Agnieszka is a “modern nomad”: she moves around a lot and divides her time between a number of beautiful places in Europe. In her daily life, she finds happiness in spending time with friends, reading, traveling, learning the Argentinian tango, studying Eastern philosophy, and exploring ways to bring more mindfulness into her life.



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The must-read sequel to the seminal book: Making Coaching Work: Creating a Coaching Culture. Authored by leading names in the field of coaching and CPD, David Clutterbuck, David Megginson and Agnieszka Bajer, Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture is the must-read sequel to the seminal book: Making Coaching Work: Creating a Coaching Culture.

The authors begin by analysing what has changed in our understanding of coaching culture since the previous book, before providing an update on new knowledge and experience, backed up by short and diverse case studies and enriched with a variety of useful tools. With a different structure but equally accessible writing style, “Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture” is focused on implementing a coaching and mentoring culture and is in line and up to date with the latest themes and terminology in the field.

Topics included: the current understanding of coaching culture in organisations; systemic view on coaching culture; coaching and mentoring culture strategy; making effective use of external coaches; developing and supporting internal coaches and mentors; team coaching; formal and informal mentoring; cross-cultural issues; marketing coaching and mentoring to internal audiences; the roles of the coaching and mentoring manager, sponsors and champions; and the future of coaching culture.

The authors

David Clutterbuck is one of the pioneers of coaching and mentoring. Co-founder with David Megginson of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council, the primary body representing coaching and mentoring in Europe, he is author or co-author of more than 60 books. Visiting professor at three UK universities, he leads the practitioner network, Coaching and Mentoring International.

David Megginson is Emeritus Professor of HRD at Sheffield Business School. He is a joint founder – with David Clutterbuck – of EMCC and an author and co-author of many books on coaching and mentoring.

Agnieszka Bajer is a highly sought-after organisation development consultant, culture strategist, facilitator, speaker and executive coach.

Agnieszka is one of the founding members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council in Greece and Cyprus.


“When leaders make the conscious decision to create a coaching-based culture, their organizations are better equipped to thrive and outsmart the competition in entirely new ways.  Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture will enable global leaders to experience extraordinary results!”

– Marshall Goldsmith – The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

“The 21st Century requires more than people who turn up for work – it requires the genius in all of us.  A coaching culture, rather than traditional command-and-control, is paramount.  David, David and Agnieszka are to be applauded for authoring a book that is so comprehensive and utterly practical.’

– Myles Downey, author of ‘Enabling Genius – a mindset for the 21st Century’ and ‘Effective Modern Coaching’

“Many success stories are highlighted in these pages with hints of the challenges in building and sustaining a coaching and mentoring culture. This excellent book offers the reader helpful ways forward to a brighter coaching future.”

– Bob Garvey, Faculty Head of Research, York St John Business School

“A hugely rich resource, containing a broad range of information, principles and approaches to the somewhat ethereal topic of how to weave coaching into the fabric of organisational culture. I particularly like its clear, reading structure and format, enabling me to navigate quickly to the topics and issues I’m most interested in. Congratulations, another great addition!”

– Julie Starr, author of The Coaching Manual, The Mentoring Manual an many others

“This book harnesses years of thought-leadership and hard-earned experience by the authors to show how to create a coaching culture essential for a sustainable, high-performance organisation. An essential read.”

– Anthony Grant, Director, Coaching Psychology Unit, The University of Sydney’


NAME: Agnieszka Bajer

ADDRESS: 43 Demostheni Severi Avenue, CY-1080 Nicosia, Cyprus

PHONE NUMBER: +357 96 555 745



TWITTER: @coachaga





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